Day Five and Six | Healing

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Day Five and Six | Healing

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Day Five:Tongue is looking much better today but is feeling quite stiff and I have baaad dry mouth... The type of dry mouth where it makes you want to cough till your spleen comes up... and coughing is one of few actions that currently still really hurt (the other one is yawning!). The best solution I found was to drink thick milkshakes and to eat yoghurt!

Note: Chewy foods in sauces are easier than others as they hold together better so don’t get caught under the bottom balls and also slid around so its easier to get past the bars and swallow.
Pain: Tongue feels like you’ve pulled it (like when you pull any other muscle) and the underneath feels sore.
Advice: Orange/ pineapple juice now sting a bit... so try to avoid them! :S

Day Six:Tongue feels really good today. Haven’t found the need to take Ibuprofen to make things comfy and talking / eating is much easier.

Note: Try drinking a glass of coke with lots of ice in it. It produces the oddest sensation – like popping candy!
Pain: Achey and an ulcer like pain under the tongue occasionally.
Advice: Its finally comfortable enough to take a toothbrush to all that white furr that’s set up home, had kids, brought a puppy and remortgaged the house on my poor tongue! This might have been the cause of the bad dry mouth because it seemed to disappear after I (joyfully) cleaned it all away... (ew)
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