Days Eleven to Fourteen | Healing

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Days Eleven to Fourteen | Healing

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Day Eleven: Swelling is still there but I have noticed some gum damage on my front teeth on the right. I'm pretty sure its from the bottom ball setting against it at night and im slightly concerned about it to be honest (essentially if i gently pull back with my finger a small bit of gum pulls away from my teeth)

Note: If you see gum damage and are worried about it get the bar changed asap. I downsized to two 16mm bioplast bars, both autoclaved .
Pain: None to speak of - putting new bars in feels almost like a splinter or when you get something stuck under your nail... sharp and very odd!
Advice: Admittedly I wasn't very well prepared for this downsize - I had two 14mm bioplast labrets happily awaiting me but only one longer than that... as a result I've ended up with one 16mm bioplast labret on the side where the gum errosion was happening and one 16mm bioplast barbell with a black ball on the bottom on the other side - this makes the piercings look decidely skew-wiff!) Don't try this at home its a fiddly PITA to try to get plastic to screw into plastic (as i've already said i'm a body piercer myself). The relief however is massive, the bars are much lighter and my lisp is almost completely gone. Roll on 14mm!

Day twelve, thirteen and fourteen: I've been marvelling all day at the relief of having shorter bars. The labret is especially comfortable and its so much easier to eat. Top balls do still clip my teeth occasionally but no damage yet.

Note: The rice you have been dreaming about? Is now nice and easy to eat!
Pain: Nothing, perhaps a little stiff.
Advice: Pay special attention to the balls while cleaning as they're now closer to the tongue and easier for stuff to catch under.
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