My Recommended Foods

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My Recommended Foods

During the course of my healing I was surprised by some foods that I thought would be soft / easy to eat actually not being very easy at all! So i've tried to put together a basic list of things I can remember eating and what was or wasn't so good!

Foods I found easy to eat:

  • Yoghurt and mashed banana
  • Porridge with maple syrup
  • Soft chip shop - style chips (No vinegar, Low salt)
  • Tofu
  • Fake chicken (quorn / soya replacement)
  • Real chicken
  • Hotdogs (inc vege ones, tinned ones are the easiest!)
  • Egg (scrambled, fried, boiled etc)
  • Prawns / squid /mussels
  • Potatoes with some kind of sauce
  • Canned tomatoes (good with potatoes)
  • Pita bread (with moist filling i.e. mayonnaise)
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Chocolate moose
  • Soup
  • Milkshake
  • Fibre shakes (i.e. slimfast / protein shakes)
  • Mashed potato from a box (i.e. smash) made with a splash more milk and covered in gravy

Foods to avoid:

  • Rice gets stuck under your tongue and is annoying / sore.
  • Real Mashed potatoes (or really any potatoes without a sauce) are too starchy and stick to the bars / your mouth.
  • Bread is also too sticky
  • Same goes for chocolate
  • Lettuce gets wrapped around the bar and is hard to swallow
  • So does long pieces of fried onion
  • And bean sprouts
  • Baked beans are hard to swallow as they're sticky but with the added annoyance of getting stuck under your tongue like rice does so avoid them like the plague!
  • Noodles
  • Rice crispies
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