Barbells, banana bars and labrets for sale.

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Barbells, banana bars and labrets for sale.

Post  ZaraLynziHodson on Tue 24 Apr 2012, 7:46 am

Hey guys,

I've got a few things to sell, all of which are unused.

I have 5 1.6mm banana bars with 5mm balls.

A numerous amount of 1.2mm banana bars most acrylic spikes, some 3mm acrylic spikes.

1.6mm Navel banana bars with acrylic balls.

Approx 6 1.2mm spirals with 3mm acrylic balls.

2 3mm purple acrylic circular barbells.

4 Gold coloured Titanium 1.2mm labret bars.

Numerous 1.2mm labret bars with colourful acrylic 3mm balls.

Numerous 1.6mm barbells with colourful acrylic 4 or 5mm balls.

If there is anything you think you might be interested and would like a picture please let me know and I'll send you a pic so you can decide.


Zara xx


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