my first puursing.

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my first puursing.

alright well. this is a pretty funny story (to me at least) and nobody i know loves modification as much as i do, and therefore nobody ever appreciates this story. so um, here goes. baha.
so when i was 15, i got my first real piercing, that being my septum. i went into the shop of my choice, which is on top of a bar, meaning there's a narrow and extremely steep flight of stairs leading to the actual shop. so anyway, the smell of cleaning supplies and crap hits me like a brick to the face and i'm just like "THIS IS WHERE I DIE." still makes me a little dizzy to this day every time i smell that shit, haha.
so i'm on the chair as the piercer is getting everything ready, and even though i told myself not to ask about the pain factor, of course i slipped and did it anyway. he looked at me like i was a freaking moron and told me not to worry about it, and that septums are less painful than many other piercings. but you know what people say about septum piercings, like that they're so painful and they go through bone and whatever. yeah. i couldn't really help being as high-strung and terrified as i was, but i still feel dumb for what happened next.
right after he pierced it, i vaguely remember saying something stupid along the lines of "ooh that's spicy" which was just my retarded way of saying it hurt, i guess. he gave me another "you're stupid" look and was like "yeah i guess you could consider that spicy...?" i felt so dumb, lolol.
but yeah. as i was leaving, my knees locked up, like while i was on the stairs. so i pretty much fell sideways down this crazy set of stairs, further humiliating was kind of a nightmare.
funny story though, that same guy is my piercer to this day, and since then he's done some crazy mods for me. he's the only guy i'll go to. so we're pretty tight, as far as clients go. d:

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