HALP With First Lip Piercing

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HALP With First Lip Piercing

Post  Redempteur on Fri 20 Jul 2012, 4:13 pm

So I'm new here, and new to piercings. So I believe a hello is in order. HAI GUISE! :3

Now that that's out of the way, onto business. I just turned 18 and finally got my lip pierced, and I couldn't be nore happy. HOWEVER! I suppose it might be the OCD in me, but I'm worried about the healing.

I had originally gotten it done at parlour where they gave me a 16 gauge piercing. However, the ring they used was too small and didn't accommodate for swelling. I ended up going to a different parlour and asking if I could get it checked after 5 days, just to be safe. They told me the ring was too small as I suspected, but also informed me that they had no larger rings in a 16 gauge. So I had to upsize to a 14 gauge, which was no problem. However, now, 5 days after that, the skin around the hole seems to be split and trying to scab over. It almost looks like the skin in trying to grow to make a seal over the top of the hole connecting with the piercing. Is this normal...?

Sorry for the long story, just trying to be as thorough as possible. I'd appreciate help on this! Thanks! Very Happy


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