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Body Piercer Profiles

Post  Ku Ku on Tue 24 Apr 2012, 3:14 am

Hey lovely piercers, why not post a bit about yourselves?

Here is me:
Name; Ku / Lara
Male or Female; i'm a laydee
Age; 23
Studio; **Out of work due to health**
Based; Aylesbury
How long; 3 years
Fave Tools; The needle itself... so shiny and pointy!
Fave to perform; Tongue. The texture of the flesh as the needle passes through is such a lovely sensation. Silky feeling... (yeah i'm a bit strange) and after having had my venom bites done i'm aware the sensation for the client is also very different from any other piercing...
Least Fave; Tragus. Fiddly little son of a... hen... <.<
Needle Type; Blades and Cannulas, I like a little of both!
Microdermals/Skindivers; Yes to both, surprisingly. I believe they both have their place in the piercing industry at the moment, although I question the longevity of each.
Pierce genitals; Yes.
Website; Body Poetry
Other comments about yourself; I have studied previously under Samppa Von Cyborg, spending a summer with him as an apprentice, although the majority of my training was spent with Denise Wiltshire from Transfix Piercings.

I manage my own piercing advice and education website which offers detailed guides and information on many aspects of body piercing as well as answering people's body piercing questions.

In early 2010 I became perhaps the first UK body piercer to perform a piercing through webbed toes and the first piercer to give that particular piercing a name: The Witch's Piercing.

Currently I am trying to raise public awareness of Body Piercing and its risks. I am hoping to begin personal and social health education talks in schools shortly.


So what about you?

Male or Female;
How long;
Fave Tools;
Fave to perform;
Least Fave;
Needle Type;
Pierce genitals;
Other comments about yourself;
Ku Ku
Ku Ku

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